About Us

Zoopay was created in 2013, as a niche FinTech provider for the Travel Industry. The company is part of the Currency Solutions Group, which is a leading independent FX and international payments company.

Zoopay was created with the belief that we could use technology and payment partners to provide a solution to alleviate the problem travel companies have when trying to manage multi-currency transactions, and make multiple payments. By offering an automated, state of the art technology, we take away the complexity of managing thousands of transactions on a daily basis.

As the payment market is constantly evolving it is essential that we, using technological advances, meet our customers growing expectations. Our objective is to transform the future of travel payments by offering a premium service in conjunction with the latest technology.

Since being formed, we have taken the time to understand our customer’s needs and have delivered services and products to manage their payments and make their life easier. This has enabled us to transition from supplying a Payment Gateway and Acquiring services, to also providing bespoke currency risk management software to customers.

Zoopay is committed to successfully solving the complex challenges our customers are encountering. For us this means delivering both savings, and stability in challenging trading environments. We, in collaboration with key industry partners, are continuing to develop new, and compelling product and service offerings to keep our customers ahead of the curve.

Leadership Team

  • Robert-Lee GriffithCEO

    Robert founded Zoopay in 2013. AS CEO his responsibilities include setting the strategic direction of the company and making major decisions. Robert also co-founded the leading independent FX and international payments company Currency Solutions in 2003. Robert lives by the philosophy of putting client’s needs first by continuously seeking out new technology and partners to enhance the client’s experience.

  • Harry EnverDirector

    Harry co-founded Zoopay in 2013. He also co-founded the leading independent FX and international payments company Currency Solutions in 2003. His extensive knowledge in both the Foreign Exchange and Payments sector gives great insight into Zoopay’s processes. Harry graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance.

  • Maria ConnorCo-Founder

    Maria has over 25+ years of experience in the travel sector at Commercial Director level. Extensive international experience includes; Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Maria has worked with numerous companies from GTA, JAC Travel, Transhotel, DOTW and Abreu, which has enabled her to build up an extensive network of contacts at the highest level worldwide within the industry. She has in-depth technical knowledge on all aspects of customer needs within the travel sector.