The International Gateway, built for Global Merchants

Simplified API designed for developers, enabling fast integrations to process and accept online card transactions

Expand Global Coverage

Supports 180 Countries in 120 Currencies.

Localise the Payment

ZooPay recognises the currency of the credit card, and therefore provides your customer with the ability to pay in their own home currency, with zero currency risk to yourselves

You can customise the look and feel of the COPYandPAY payment.

Mobile & APP Payments

Mobile developers can use our mobile SDKs to create amazing apps, safe in the knowledge that payment processing is handled by ZooPay

Global Processing

Localise your business. Supports over 120 currencies, 180 countries and 9 languages.

Increase Profitability

Earn cashback on every multi-currency transaction. Increase sales with local currencies.

Fast Integration

Single and easy Integration with our powerful API to start accepting payments even faster